About Us

Our sports jewelry collection is based on our original designs. The need for a unique piece of jewelry for a running friend inspired our first designs. The original charm has transformed into what is now the #GirlsRunFast collection.

These were first sold to raise money for a charity we were running for and soon we were receiving requests for jewelry for other sports as well. What started as running only quickly morphed into things like yoga, dance, swimming, gymnastics, karate and others. If you don't see the sport you're interested in, contact us and request it. We'll make an example for you at no charge and send you a picture. If you like it, it's yours to purchase.


What we stand for ...

Our mission: To inspire women's inner strength and celebrate their achievements.
Our vision: To help women celebrate their achievements through unique and inspirational custom jewelry at affordable prices.
Our values: Provide the highest quality jewelry for the active community.


Meghan Strong - Owner/Designer/Runner

All creative designs, conceptualization and custom design.